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Vanessa is a 3rd generation psychic and spiritual medium that  gives accurate psychic readings, guiding others on their pathways and connecting them with their loved ones on the other side, using various modalities. She is a 20+ yr. trusted consultant that uses her intuition to offer and encourage guidance publicly for  all her clients.  She helps them move forward in a positive direction, face their challenges and their triumphs in a way that furthers their individual and collective highest good, growth and peace for their Spiritual and Personal journey.

When you schedule your psychic reading with Vanessa, you will receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that covers the specific aspects of your inquiry you feel need the most insight at the present time.

Guiding others onto the right path.


Love, home, career, past/present life advice.  on all matters. Answers to your specific personal questions.

Clairvoyant/Medium Readings

Aromatic Oils

Whether you want to use Essential oils purely for Aromatherapy, by inhalation, diffusion, topical or through a mixture in massage therapy, you always want to choose an essential oil that also states the botanical name of the plant on the bottle.  Read More >>

Essential Oil Healing


Taking you further into your future with advice which Crystal may serve you best to partner with along your journey.  Crystal energy  can produce profound healing and insight depending on your specific need.

Crystal Healing Advice

“When I stopped to take a breath, I noticed I had wings.”  - Jodi Livon

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