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About Me


Vanessa is a 3rd generation psychic and spiritual medium that  gives accurate psychic readings, guiding others on their pathways and connecting them with their loved ones on the other side, using various modalities. She is a 20+ yr. trusted consultant that uses her intuition to offer and encourage guidance publicly for  all her clients.  She helps them move forward in a positive direction, face their challenges and their triumphs in a way that furthers their individual and collective highest good, growth and peace for their Spiritual and Personal journey.

When you schedule your psychic reading with Vanessa, you will receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that covers the specific aspects of your inquiry you feel need the most insight at the present time.  Please prepare yourself by focusing on your question/immediate need, refraining from alcohol/chemicals that may interfere with your connection with her for 24 hours.  We do NOT MIX our Spirits. Thank you for understanding.  Using Her Guides, with your Guides, connecting our hearts up with our Divine Spiritual families, we begin by calming your mind, and providing a space free from interruptions if possible. A quiet, calm, relaxed atmosphere provides for an optimal connection. Have a paper/pen to write or tape recorder, as you may not always know who comes through, remember the information that is given that comes through very quickly and you will need reference to go back to after the reading at another time when you feel less under pressure to remember on demand. 


Readings are always for YOU, the person asking the question.

I am bound through Spiritual Contract to give to YOU exactly what is given to me. I am only a conduit ( Medium) for Spirit/Guides/and Angels as well as those that have crossed over to deliver their messages, when the veil opens. I will NOT for you or anyone alter or change the messages given to me, although I may soften them a bit, the message remains intact, channeled through in love and light, as per my contract through the Divine. 


You may come with an intention of something specific in mind, and getting what you WANT to hear but rest assured you will always leave the table getting what you NEEDED to hear, some of what you want and will always be able to ask questions at the end . Leave your fears at the door.  I have yet to give a reading that anyone felt they ever received a message from Spirit they were not suppose to receive, with gratitude. Your reading is not intended or is a replacement for any type of medical, legal or psychiatric advice or direction.  As you realize, now and forever you have "free will" to act upon consultation given to you by anyone, including me.  I will and can provide references upon request besides those posted onsite that is still in progress. 

“I am love and light in action.”  - Jodi Livon

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